10 Key Aspects of Mastering the Legend of Runeterra Gameplay: A Comprehensive Review and Guide


The Legend of Runeterra gameplay, a mesmerizing online card game, has stirred the gaming sphere with its engaging characters, complex gameplay, and detailed lore. The brainchild of Riot Games, the innovators behind League of Legends, this game presents an intoxicating mix of strategic planning, adept execution, and immersive narrative.

Part 1: Grasping the Fundamentals of Legend of Runeterra

The game’s core revolves around champions from the League of Legends universe. The player’s objective is to use a well-structured deck of cards, strategically deploying their abilities and powers to overcome adversaries in a series of rounds.

Card Categories and Their Importance

There are three categories of cards in The Legend of Runeterra: Champion, Follower, and Spell cards. Comprehending these card categories is key to designing your winning tactic.

Part 2: Excelling in the Gameplay

Contrary to other card games, The Legend of Runeterra gameplay accentuates interactive play between players. It’s more than just playing your cards; it’s about reacting efficiently to your adversary’s actions.

Rounds and Actions

During each round, players alternate playing cards or passing. The player who initiates a round gets the attack token and can start combat. The adversary, in contrast, defends and retaliates.

Mana Management

Mana is the resource required to play cards. Players begin with one mana gem but earn an extra gem each round up to a maximum of ten. Unused mana can be conserved for future rounds but only to cast spell cards.

Part 3: Building Your Winning Tactic

In The Legend of Runeterra, your deck is your arsenal. Developing a balanced deck is critical to securing victory.

Selecting Your Champions

Each champion in The Legend of Runeterra brings with them a unique set of abilities and strategies. Selecting which champions to include in your deck necessitates a profound understanding of their skills and how they blend with other cards.

Merging Regions

You can amalgamate cards from two distinct regions in your deck. This allows for intriguing combinations and tactics that can surprise your opponent.

Legend of Runeterra gameplay

Part 4: Venturing into the Lore

One element that distinguishes The Legend of Runeterra from other card games is its abundant lore. The game is set in the same universe as League of Legends, a world filled with varied cultures, characters, and narratives.

Exploring the Regions

Each region in The Legend of Runeterra has its unique champions, gameplay style, and storyline. From the frosty wastelands of Freljord to the technologically superior city of Piltover & Zaun, each region adds a unique essence to the game.


The Legend of Runeterra gameplay delivers a rich, immersive gaming journey. With its tactical gameplay, diverse cast of characters, and elaborate lore, it’s a game that rewards both ability and innovation. Whether you’re an experienced card game enthusiast or a rookie to the genre, The Legend of Runeterra ensures hours of thrilling gameplay and captivating narrative.

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