10 Essential Tips for Mastering Pokemon Go Community Day List 2023


Embark on an exciting journey with our ultimate guide on the Pokemon Go Community Day List 2023. This guide will provide a thorough understanding of each event, effective strategies for maximizing your gains, and in-depth details about the unique Pokemon making their appearances during these events. Let’s dive in!

Decoding Pokemon Go Community Days

Community Days in Pokemon Go are monthly events where a particular Pokemon becomes incredibly prevalent for several hours. These occasions not only allow you to collect as many of one Pokemon as possible, but also to secure a shiny version or even an exclusive move.

The Importance of Pokemon Go Community Days in 2023

The year 2023 holds a plethora of thrilling events for Pokemon Go fans. Community Days form a crucial component of these events, providing gamers an opportunity to augment their collection, gain extra XP, Stardust, and encounter Shiny Pokemon.

January Community Day: Bulbasaur’s Day Out

The year commences with January’s Community Day highlighting Bulbasaur. This grass/poison-type Pokemon will be ubiquitous, and you’ll have the chance to evolve it into a Venusaur with the exclusive move, Frenzy Plant.

February Community Day: Charmander’s Grand Appearance

Charmander steals the show in February. This fiery Pokemon is not only endearing but also evolves into the formidable Charizard. When evolved during Community Day, your Charizard will learn the exclusive move Blast Burn.

March Community Day: Squirtle’s Wave

In March, Squirtle, the adorable water-type Pokemon, reigns supreme. Evolving Squirtle into Blastoise during this day will result in a Blastoise equipped with the exclusive move Hydro Cannon.

April Community Day: The Eevee Extravaganza

Eevee, the evolution Pokemon, takes center stage in April. Owing to its ability to evolve into various types, this day is not one to be missed. The special move for Eevee’s evolutions during this day is Last Resort.

May Community Day: Pikachu’s Bright Moment

The iconic Pikachu seizes the spotlight in May. Evolving Pikachu into Raichu during this day will give you a Raichu that knows the exclusive move Wild Charge.

June Community Day: Machop’s Power Display

Machop muscles its way into prominence in June. This fighting-type Pokemon evolves into Machamp and will learn the exclusive move Dynamic Punch when evolved during Community Day.

July Community Day: Dratini’s Sky High Adventure

July treats us with Dratini, the dragon-type Pokemon. When evolved into Dragonite during this event, your Dragonite will learn Draco Meteor, a powerful dragon-type move.

August Community Day: Larvitar’s Rocking Debut

August is dedicated to Larvitar. When evolved into Tyranitar during Community Day, your Tyranitar will learn the exclusive move Smack Down.

September Community Day: Ralts’ Graceful Performance

Ralts takes the stage in September. This psychic/fairy-type Pokemon evolves into Gardevoir or Gallade and will learn the exclusive move Synchronoise when evolved during the day.

October Community Day: Gastly’s Spooky Presence

Just in time for Halloween, October’s Community Day features Gastly. When evolved into Gengar during this event, your Gengar will learn the exclusive move Shadow Punch.

November Community Day: Magikarp’s Big Leap

In November, Magikarp is the star of the show. When evolved into Gyarados during this event, your Gyarados will learn the exclusive move Aqua Tail.

December Community Day: The Grand Finale

December rounds off the year with a special two-day event that brings back all the previous Community Day Pokemon, allowing you to catch any that you might have missed. All exclusive moves are also available during this grand finale.

Pokemon Go Community Day List 2023

In conclusion, that’s our detailed guide to Pokemon Go Community Day List 2023. Remember, the secret to success during these Community Days lies in careful preparation. Understand the featured Pokemon’s strengths, weaknesses, and the exclusive move it can acquire during the event. Happy adventuring!

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