Top PC Games of 2022: 6 Remarkable Gaming Genres Uncovered


In the entrancing universe of gaming, the top PC games of 2022 stand as a testament to innovation and engagement. This year’s lineup offers a diverse assortment of games appealing to a broad spectrum of gamers, thus, enhancing the gaming realm. This detailed analysis unveils the exceptional new PC games of 2022, designed to push gaming limits.

Part 1: Anticipated Games of 2022

Within this varied collection, Elden Ring draws significant appeal. This game, born from the creative geniuses at FromSoftware—known for the iconic Dark Souls series—presents an enthralling open-world gameplay experience, challenging yet supremely satisfying.

One cannot ignore the sensational Horizon Forbidden West while discussing PC gaming ranks. As the follow-up to Horizon Zero Dawn, it takes players through post-apocalyptic terrains inhabited by progressive robots, providing thrilling action.

The recent entry to the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy XVI, also makes its mark, captivating players with intricate storylines, an exceptional combat setup, and vivid characters.

Part 2: Racing Games of the Year

Fans of high-octane action have a fantastic year in 2022, thanks to games like Gran Turismo 7 offering magnificent racing simulations. With stellar graphics and a meticulous driving model, this game promises an authentically global cross-country racetrack experience.

F1 2022 also deserves a mention in the Formula 1 gaming section. The upgrade in its My Team mode and an improved Career mode, focussing on an accurate portrayal of the Formula 1 universe, makes the game stand out.

Top PC games of 2022

Part 3: 2022’s Best RPGs

Elder Scrolls 6, though cloaked in secrecy, has sparked high interest. From Bethesda Softworks’ reveal, we know it offers a realm brimming with exclusive dungeons, diverse beasts, and enigmatic provinces.

God of War: Ragnarok, which is a sequel to the critically noted God of War (2018), stands as well. With a more profound exploration of Norse mythology, this game satisfies players seeking action-adventure RPGs.

Section 4: Top Strategy and Simulation Games this Year

Moving on to the strategy and simulation realm, Victoria 3 tops the chart. It provides an engrossing political and societal simulation in a sandbox framework. Players get to maneuver through complex political, social and economic structures in this thought-provoking game.

Homeworld 3, a long-anticipated sequel in the Homeworld series, stands out for its strategic simplicity, engaging narrative, and 3D space-oriented realtime strategy, leaving players astounded.

Part 5: Adventure Games Highlights of 2022

The adventure genre flourishes with Breath of the Wild 2—the sequel to the celebrated Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This awaited game is set to offer an unparalleled immersive experience peppered with creative puzzles and exploration features.

Hellblade II: Senua’s Saga further enriches the genre, boasting a narrative-driven gameplay enhanced with dramatic combat sequences. In conclusion, 2022 pump-fuels the PC gaming landscape with an incredible mix of seasoned franchise sequels, trailblazing new titles, and timeless games’ reimaginings.

Part 6: Wrapping Up

Across the exhilarating ride of racing games to the intellectual depths of simulation games, this year ticks all requisites for unrivaled interactive entertainment. Incorporating the standouts from the gaming universe, the segues not only enhance the gaming bursts’ quality but also their intensity. Thus, 2022 gets earmarked as a new era in gaming. We recommend referring to the definitive guide to pc game reviews unveiling the magic behind the monitor for a detailed review of each game.

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